Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Leisurely Stroll

A distinctive feature of Florence's skyline is the dome of Basilica di Santi Maria del Fiore, also known as the Duomo (cathedral church) of Florence. The walk from the Duomo at one end of the historic district to the other end (marked by the Palazzo Pitti) takes only about 30 minutes if you are taking a leisurely stroll. The Duomo of Florence is the fourth largest cathedral in the world (after St. Peter's in Rome, St. Paul's in London, and the Duomo in Milan). Construction on the church began at the end of the 13th century and for many centuries has been the symbol of Florence and Renaissance architecture. Woohoo!

You probably think this post is a history lesson. Not really. The most important thing to note about the previous paragraph is the word walk. Apparently, the best way to get around Florence, and many other cities in Italy for that matter, is on foot.....or should I say feet....both of them...two per person.

For a girl who has lived with plantar fasciitis for entirely too long, this is a concern, to say the least. After a year of limping around, I finally saw a podiatrist in December who gave me some inserts to use. They help, but the problem has never completely gone away. This means I have some work to do to heal these dang feet so I can stroll leisurely and gracefully down the streets of Italy. I stopped exercising soon after the plantar problem first appeared and one might say that I am now “carrying around a few more groceries” than usual as a result. There is work to do! This week I have arisen from my sedentary lifestyle! Those feet are screaming at me to lighten the load, and I fully intend to make that happen. Maybe then they will be more than willing to carry me anywhere I want to go in Italy. I finally walked into the YMCA yesterday and took a 45 minutes class that involves some Latin dance moves. Those of you who know me can imagine how ridiculous I look. I ain't got no groove, but I am undaunted (head held high). At least I am rendering service to others by helping them feel better about themselves as they move their more svelt stuff. I always like to help others feel good about themselves. I do what I can.

Duomo, here I come! I just might be that chick who skips right past you on my way to the Palazzo Pitti.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I have $50 more to put into the Italy account!

New total: $94.78


  1. Oh mom, that is exactly how I feel when I go to exercise classes. I feel utterly foolish, but the reality is that so does everyone else who isn't conducting the class! Go mom! Work those feet!

  2. I'm not even sure what to say right now. Is it the fact that you are blogging and I couldn't be happier, is it the fact that you finally realized your dream and that you are following it, or is it that I just plain miss my Stacy. I am sooooo excited to read what you have to write. You are such a natural. What an inspiring idea you have. I really look forward to following your journey. I'm so glad that I get to read, giggle, read, cry, giggle, and picture RD in a fabio wig acting out his part, picturing him "raising the roof" and screaming "ITALY" everytime you want to spend any money. And BTW, you go girl shaking your latin booty. LOVE YOU TONS!

  3. Just found your blog. I love this idea. I think I should start a blog about saving for furniture. I love your writing as well. I'm excited to follow along. And btw, I've been on a tuna kick for a while. It's just so delicious. Please tell Robert hello!