Monday, June 21, 2010

Com'è il tempo?

The question of the day (and week) is...

"How's the weather?"

The high today is expected to reach 103 degrees here in Nashville (with a "real feel" temp of 112), and I'm debating on whether to even check the mail today. That would involve going outside for at least 1 full minute and I'd probably have to take another shower. With the forecast over the next week it could be Thursday before I make it down to the mailbox. It is supposed to cool off to a "nice" 99 degrees that day with a possible thunderstorm. If I time it right I can head out when the clouds begin to gather and make it back inside before I have a stroke.

I was not so fortunate to avoid the heat this past weekend, but I had it a lot easier than the men in my family. My son came into town for a few days to work on a fence-building project. The heat was brutal and all the young men and a certain older man (my husband) exerted themselves for a total of about 10 hours in the blazing sun. I, on the other hand, sat under a nice little tent-like shelter and did practically nothing but do some paperwork, babysit cell phones, and offer moral support. I did manage to do a little cooking on the grill to feed this hungry work crew. The heat just sucks the life out of you around these parts and I am now pretty much on life support. Will someone please pull the plug.

All of this has me wondering what the weather is like in Florence right now, and this is what I found out.

The high in Florence today is expected to be 71 degrees. That is about what our expected LOW temp is supposed to be tonight.

This is just one more reason I have to go to Italy.

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  1. Oh my and I thought it has been hot here. I remember that humidity in Nashville and it is not fun. It's been pretty humid here too, but that florence weather is sounding much more pleasant.